Samsung Galaxy Edge+ Specs and Review

 The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is a very unusual unit (and also a chew to say). It is the same dimension as the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, nevertheless lacks the S Pen and all the other Note performance. It’s just a larger model of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Therein lies the important question about the Edge+. If you’re gonna get a Note-sized gadget shouldn’t you obtain a Note phone? Samsung made individuals want large cell phones by simply along with a cool stylus. Can they repeat the process using a curled screen? Let us discover.


There’s simply no getting around the truth that the Edge+ looks great. Samsung’s much-improved glass and also metal style appears just like great on the Edge+ because it does on the Note 5 and Samsung Galaxy S6. The curved display requires this to the next level. Seems as though you’re holding a piece of highly advanced material.

Unfortunately, having the product is where the layout goes from good to bad. The curved screen creates sharp edges, making it uncomfortable to carry. This was problems with the original Galaxy S6 Edge also, consider the product is bigger it’s even worse.

The device is also very slippery. Glass on the front and back look fantastic, but they make it difficult to keep. When a unit is made of glass you are in constant fear of dropping it. Fortunately a case can improve the comfort and gripability.


The display on the Edge+ is 5.7-inches of elegance. Samsung retained exactly the same 2560×1440 quality from the smaller sized S6 Edge, nevertheless at 518 ppi you still can not view any pixels. Super AMOLED displays vibrant colors and heavy blacks. When you prefer less saturated colorings you can modify the “Screen mode” inside screen settings. The “Basic” setting displays colors that are much more true-to-life.

One gripe we always appear to have with Samsung displays is the auto-brightness setting. It never seems to work very and we’d like. The display is generally on the upper end of brightness, within dark area.


All of us already mentioned that the Edge+ is basically a blown up variation from the first S6 Edge. The specifications are nearly equivalent, save for 2 big variations: 4GB of RAM and a 3,000 mAh battery pack. They have the same Exynos Octa-core processor chip, same display, same cameras, same fingerprint sensor, and same heart rate sensor.

Any additional RAM helps make multi-tasking even better. Samsung’s Exynos processor continues to be one of the quickest on the market. Our only worry is how it will age. The original S6 Edge started out slowing down after having a several months of usage.

Battery-life is a lot improved, as you might expect from a big unit with a huge battery pack. We usually got anywhere from 12-15 hrs on one charge. If that is not good enough, you can use the Fast Charging cable to get up to 50% charge within Thirty minutes. You can also use Quick Wireless Charging to acquire a total charge in 2 hours.


Samsung has turned the S Pen on the Note feel like something you may use. It is not just a trick. The same cannot be said for the Edge screen just yet. It may be very useful, nonetheless it can be very useless.

Another thing the Edge screen does do well is seem great. The Edge+ is one of the coolest-looking smartphone you can buy right this moment. People are gonna observe this phone when you use it. However it’s really not a fashion statement. You’re also getting a beautiful display, excellent performance, and the greatest camera on the market.

You can not fail with this phone. There is nothing at all otherwise like it (except for the slightly smaller S6 Edge). Living life on the edge never sensed so good.

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Atomas an addictive puzzle video game with a splash of science

Science is commonly seen as one of those topics that only “nerdy people” enjoy. That stereotype is to change within the last couple of years. A great number of are realizing that science doesn’t must be several old guys in white lab clothes. Science will be really enjoyable, and also games like Atomas drive that point home.

Atomas, by Sirnic, is a puzzle game that uses scientific components. Your task is to create beneficial components including gold, platinum, as well as silver. All you have to focus on is a hydrogen atom, however in no time at all you’ll be creating greater and also far better points. The good news is you do not have to be physicist or even chemist to comprehend this online game. Anyone can make upward in just a few seconds.

To experience Atomas you need to mix complementing elements. Every component has an atomic number, then when put together they create the aspect using the following higher atomic number. For example, when you incorporate two Lithium atoms (3) you will have one Beryllium (4). The purpose is to get the component with all the highest atomic number you may before the panel gets too crowded.
Here is the way it works. A few random components are assemble in a ring. In the centre of these round is another random component, or a (+) or (-) symbol. You may tap anywhere in the round to position the new aspect in that location. The (+) symbol can be placed among a pair of matching factors to combine them, you could mix a lot more two each time. If you develop a symmetrical pattern of elements, and then place the (+) at the middle you can incorporate multiples.

The (-) image may be used to move the element into a various location, or change it into a (+) image. Once the circle entirely full of factors, and there is no space for new ones, the game has ended. At your disposal is “antimatter” you can use in order to half the circle, but these are only available via an in-app purchase.

Together with the regular mode that I simply explained, there is Time Attack and Alchemist mode. In Time Attack, you might be requested along with creating as huge of an element that you can in the given time. Whenever you incorporate elements you obtain a couple of more secs. Alchemist mode is for serious players. You need to produce all 118 existing aspects, and a few new ones developed by the creator.

Atomas is a very well created and addictive game. You can log in with Google Play Games and contest with your pals to obtain the high score. Should you have no time to finish off a game it is simple to stop and continue at a different time. We can not assist however feel like Atomas would have made high school science class much more pleasant (and possibly there would not be so many science mistakes in this overview).


Madden NFL Mobile Launces 2016 Season on Android

If you’ve attempted to play Madden Mobile on your Android device recent times, you were probably met with a information indicating the servers were straight down. EA Sports was huddling up and getting ready to expand the wrath of a completely new Madden Mobile and it is lastly in this article. Go on and download the update to start with playing (when you have not already).

Where’d this team go? That is the issue you will most likely question if you haven’t played in a long time. With all the new season comes new anything, which inturn indicates all your successes have become relegated to the report books. You’re beginning with scratch.

They’re not really gone for good, even though. EA is keeping the all the information saved in a trophy room of sorts and your old group – named your “Legacy Team” – will be accessible selectively, such as through some special Live Events.

Problems with missing players, missing clubs, absent coins, and absent collectors items have been plentiful, however I prefer this process from EA. It gives us a fresh game, brand new obstacle, and also sets anyone on equal footing for a new year: just like any real sports league. Not forgetting they offered users a lot of innovative notice and regular reminders within the last couple months.

What is fresh in Madden Mobile for the 2015-16 season?

The largest transform is that on offense anyone can perform as the Running Back or Receivers on moving plays, running your own route and asking for the ball. This permits the game to become a much more fascinating dynamic, yet will take a number of getting used to, and personally, I still would rather be the QB on passing plays and RB on running plays 99% of that time period.

Another modifications I have discovered contain:

- Before the snap (in head-to-head), you could tap on players to see their card/rating
- Kickoff earnings are enhanced and you may truly find some room to run
- Passes have a much higher visual arc (takes some getting used to)
- Power of kicks now based on the speed of your swipping (really like this however obtaining 100% is actually easy)
- Defense boosts demand much better time
- Timeouts stop the clock at the right point (rather than including time back on the clock to end of last play in previous season)
- Can now throw the ball out with waste icon when out of the pocket
- Harder to get onside kicks

The game itself is largely unchanged. Mostly a similar technicians, same plays, same play picking layout, only with USER INTERFACE items spruced up a little. When you open a brand new package of cards you’re welcomed with fireworks so when you unlock a special card it’ll animate with a excellent border or flaming ring. Cool eye candy, but most of these modifications – as are most changes in Madden Mobile 2016 – do not impact the gameplay at all.

- Slide out navigation seems much more “Android”
- UI is sparkly and glitzy (that i actually find obvious)
- Sorting and browsing of players, cards, items greater
- Sale much improved with a lot less glitches and resetting of options

Another thing I would have truly liked to find out is more successes, specially on defense. Piling up sacks and interceptions finally earns you some thing and I would love to see a lot more. Give users purposes to keep playing and playing and playing!
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ASUS ZenWatch 2 will Head to Europe in October

With all of yesterday’s information concerning numerous brand new Android Wear watches, you could have neglected ASUS had a watch of their own to bring out. The company’s ZenWatch 2 has been established for quite some time, however they did not have much to share with regards to availability.

Well, not any longer - ASUS says the ZenWatch 2 will be here in October, along with Europe being the first to get the products. The smart watch will definitely cost about €149, which is sure to generate them several eyes of business compared to Motorola and Huawei’s options, some versions of which may possibly price as much as double.

The ZenWatch 2 started the trend of companies providing several size options. There’s a small and large option according to what you prefer, with each arriving about three different colors. Additionally they provide a bevy watch band options, along with EIGHTEEN different color and strap material combinations available.

ASUS says the battery endures as long as two days and charges 36% more quickly compared to prior product. You may get up to 50% of battery life - about a full day’s really worth - along with just THIRTY SIX minutes of charging. Pretty good.

ASUS is banking on the intelligent assistant suite of micro-sized apps to help get you on-ship. What’s Next and Do It Later are two applications that are easily installed if you have an ASUS watch, and they enable you to see your future schedule or defer tasks until you have time to do all of them later. FoneHelper will give you entry to easy options and tools that will help you locate your phone.

Remote camera can act as the second camera monitor in case you need to take pictures from tough angles. And ASUS even has their own small emote-sharing collection, though the fact that it only works with other ZenWatch users is sure to be a bit of a turnoff (Android Wear’s built-in individual function must help to alleviate that discomfort, though).

The cost alone might be sufficient to sway some people toward the ZenWatch 2 over other types, but we’ll have to wait until we can get our hands on it to see if it is worth skimping on a more expensive experience to have an affordable (but still capable) Android Wear watch.

10 tips every Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ user should know

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus has a long name as well as a long list of points it can do. Just as the original Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, the Plus edition has double “Edge” displays. The Plus can do everything that the original S6 Edge could perform, plus a few more neat tricks.

You might be are you wondering why a device this large was not called the “Galaxy Note 5 Edge.” Samsung’s naming conventions may seem unusual, but in this situation it makes points simpler to comprehend. The S6 Edge Plus could be the size of a Note, nonetheless it does not have some of the Note functionality. It actually has more in common with the Samsung Galaxy S6. We are definately be concentrating on the Edge capabilities in this list, but everything from our “Things you should do with the Galaxy S6” list will even utilize.

 1. Established a primary part for the Edge Show

Before we get into the hardcore ideas you need to pick a side for the Edge screen. Whatever side you select is actually where all the great methods will appear. It may be on both the left or right side, but is not both.

    Go to Settings >  Edge screen
    Scroll down to Edge screen position
    Choose your Edge screen side
You can also select where the Edge display “handle” will appear. The handle is really a tiny semi-transparent tab that makes it simpler to swipping open the Edge screen menu. Move it to you desired position as well as determine when you wish it to appear.

2. Select your 5 favorite individuals regarding quick access

One of the most beneficial part of the Edge display is a function called “People Edge.” When you swipe in from the Edge you will see five circular bubbles. These bubbles can be used as a shortcut to contact your selected persons and find out notices from them.

    Go to Settings >  Edge screen
    Tap People edge
    Make sure it’s ON and tap My people
    Here you can add people, assign colors, and reorder the list

 3. Decide which notifications show up in People Edge

Now that you have your 5 persons chosen you will desire to decide which notifications from them will show up in the Edge display. Samsung provides three options: missed calls, messages, and email. In case you get one of these notifications you will see in People edge and Edge lighting (more on that later).

    Go to Settings >  Edge screen
    Scroll down to Select notifications
    Enable all that you wish to see

Note: in order that Edge notification to function you should use the Samsung phone, messaging, and email apps.

4. Move on the colored tabs to find out notifications and respond

Whenever you get a notification from one of your favorites you’ll see a small tab within the edge of the screen with the assigned color. Slide your finger in a movement such as you are attempting to pull the tab and you’ll see a cool animation as it bubbles open up. This is where you can see information about the notification, often the contents of the message, and immediately react by tapping on it.

5. Use the Edge Display regarding instant access to your favorite programs

Another great function of the Edge display is named “Apps edge.” It works simply the same as People edge, however it’s shortcuts to your favorite applications. Once you swipe to open People edge you’ll observe you can swipe once again to see Apps edge. Let’s set it up.

    Go to Settings >  Edge screen
    Tap on Apps edge
    Make sure the switch is ON
    Tap (+) Add application and choose from the list
    To reorder the apps tap on EDIT in the top right corner
    Simply swipe in from the Edge display to show the People or Apps

6. Get cool light-up notifications when your phone is on its face

Among the coolest features of the Edge screen is called “Edge lighting.” This great function will illuminate the edge of the screen whenever your phone is flat on its face. Edge lighting notifications only present through contacts in People edge. Since you previously set that up we’re all set.

    Go to Settings >  Edge screen
    Tap on Edge lighting
    Make sure the switch is ON

7. Send quick response to your favorites without turning on the display

While enabling Edge lighting in the previous tip you could have noticed a choice for “Quick reply.” This handy feature will help you to deny incoming calls or send a preset message simply by placing your finger on the heart rate sensor for just two secs while the device is on its face (the heart rate sensor is straight under the LED flash).

    Go to Settings >  Edge screen
    Tap on Edge lighting >  Quick reply
    Make sure the switch is ON
    Tap on the prewritten message at the bottom to customize

8. Get news, weather and Twitter updates on the Edge display

Another way the Edge display can help you once the screen is off is with the “Information stream.” This is where you can get your own personalized “ticker” or information on the Edge of the display. Things like weather, news, sports scores, Twitter updates, and even more can be included. All you have to do is slide your finger on the edge of the display to see the stream.

    Go to Settings >  Edge screen
    Tap on Information stream
    Make sure the switch is ON
    Tap on Manage feeds to enable, disable, or download more feeds
    You can decide how long the screen stays on with Edge screen timeout

Note: In order to have weather information in the stream you must have the Samsung weather widget on the home screen.

9. Present a clock on the Edge screen at night

Many phones tend to be too shiny to be used as a clock through the night, however the super-dark AMOLED screen and Edge display screen on the S6 Edge Plus make it perfect. The night clock is a small low illuminated clock that may come in the Edge display at a set time. Unlike most Edge features, this is not enabled automatically.

    Go to Settings >  Edge screen
    Tap on Night clock
    Flip the switch to ON
    Choose the start and end time

10. Have more help and explore the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus community forums


The S6 Edge Plus is a very interesting and special device with a lot to provide. Android Forums is a good place to go for help, tips and trick and other beneficial conversation, for example where to find the best cases, screen protectors, wireless chargers and other accessories.

How to Hide the Cortana Search Box on the Windows 10 Taskbar

Just about the most spoke about features in the newest version of Windows 10 was the Cortana personal assistant which is built-in directly into the taskbar. However let's say you do not want to waste all that taskbar space?

Luckily they not just give a way to take out the search box from the taskbar, but you are able to change it into an symbol, or you can take out it fully and after that it’ll show up on the taskbar just when you start the Start Menu (so you can still lookup for your software).

We’re not totally confident if all of us enjoy the idea of a digital assistant as part of Windows, but if you are using the preview, we recommend that you test out it out at least to give it a opportunity. If you don’t deal with it, next you can disable it and make the search box revert back to the Windows 8.x behavior where it searches your programs and the web.

Eliminating the Cortana Search Box from the Taskbar

Note that hiding the search box does not truly disable Cortana - keep looking at below for instructions on how to do this. This will basically cover the box from the Taskbar.

Just right-click on any empty space on the taskbar, go to Search, and next change “Show search box” to either “Show Cortana icon” or “Hidden”.

If you transform it to an icon, it’ll show a circle like you can see below.

And if you turn off it totally, it’ll be taken off from the taskbar. You may also hide that Task View button when you are at it through just right-clicking and unchecking the box - although we will say which the new task switcher is pretty nice.

Turning off Cortana

If you have not enabled Cortana, you will see the top on the box which looks like this when you click on the Search box and then click the Configurations icon. Be aware that Cortana is Off. You can also switch off the online search and including Bing results while you search the Start Menu by flipping that switch off as well.

If you have currently enabled Cortana, the options dialog changes completely and is invisible under the Notebook icon - after this you can click on Configurations and get to the screen above.

Once you disable Cortana and Bing, you can hide the icon.

It is truly nice that you can turn it off - we’d have probably preferred that Bing keep out of our Start menu in the 1st place though.

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How to install Windows 10: Clean install

You cannot clean install Windows 10 with no going via the upgrade we explained before. That is because you actually don't have an product key like you do with Windows 7 or 8, so Windows 10 needs to activate automatically online after updating from an qualified copy of Windows 7 or 8.1.

While Windows 10 is activated, Microsoft can discover your COMPUTER and associate it along with an activated and valid Windows 10 licence. This means you can execute a clean install (also on a different hard drive, so it's a great moment to upgrade to an SSD in case you have been running Windows on a conventional hard disk) and Windows 10 will activate without difficulty.

To check if Windows 10 has activated after upgrading, visit Control Panel >  System and Security >  System and look under Windows activation:
Only when you make "significant changes" to your PC will you have to call the Microsoft account activation helpline.

 To do a clean install, you'll need to returning to Step 2 inside walkthrough before, using the tool you saved to create a bootable USB drive or DVD. Once that is done, turn off your pc, install or remove any hard drives and SSDs you need to swap around and after that boot from your USB or DVD.

If your PC will not boot by it, go into the BIOS controls (normally click Delete, F1 or one of the other F keys right after you switch your computer on) and make sure removable drives, or the DVD drive is placed as the primary boot device, and not a hard drive. We can not be specific about the menus and settings, because each BIOS is various.

How to fix flashing screen after Windows 10 installation

It had been attracted to our attention that many users are getting difficulties with the screen flashing using the Windows 10 set up.

Fortunately it's fixable. First of all, restart your pc. You can try pressing Alt-F4 and choosing restart if you can do it when the screen is flashing, but normally hold down the power button for up to 10 seconds till the computer turns off. Turn it on again, however instead of signing in Windows 10, click the on-screen power key and after that keep the Shift key on your keyboard while clicking on the Restart option.

Windows 10 will not reboot however will go to a screen with a troubleshooting option. Click this and Advanced options. Now select to restart and you are going to see options to go into Safe Mode. Any Safe Mode option will do. The COMPUTER will now begin in Safe Mode.

Press the Windows key and R together to have the Run box. Now type msconfig and click Enter. Visit the Services Tab in the window that opens. Scroll down till you find two tasks that need to be stopped:

- Problem Reports and Solution Control Panel Support
- Windows Error Report Service

Disable all these by unchecking them, next click Apply, Ok. Restart the laptop. If that won't correct it, reboot into Safe Mode again and right-click on the taskbar along the bottom of the screen. Choose Task Manager and then click on the tab for Startup programs. You can right-click on each one and disable it. This should stop the blinking screen, and after that you can turn services back on in Task Manager 1 by 1 (a restart after each) to separate which program is causing it.


How to download and install Windows 10 even if GWX.exe is missing

Windows 10 has already been installed in 14 million machines - is yours one of them? And if not, why not? We will demonstrate you how to install Windows 10 right now - even if your PC hasn't got the notification or GWX.exe is missing. In addition, we will show you how to fix the flashing screen problem some users have experienced following the Windows 10 installation.

How to install Windows 10: download and upgrade from Windows 7 or 8.1

Step 1: Head to Microsoft's new Windows 10 download page and click on the link for the 64-bit version. Simply use 32-bit if your computer does not have a 64-bit cpu. There's no need to save the file - just choose the Run option.

Step 2: You will see two choices: Upgrade now, or create installation media. Presuming you're trying to update the PC you're running the tool on, choose Upgrade this PC now. The reason for this is that you can't do a clean install directly away as part of the free update. See our step by step guidelines on installing Windows 10 for details on a clean install.

Step 3: Now Windows 10 will start downloading it from scratch. We've simply attempted this on a laptop and there does not appear to be any delay from Microsoft's hosts, even on launch day.

Step 3: If you would instead make a bootable USB or DVD to install Windows 10 on another computer, or several PCs, select that option. This is a brand new and simpler way to install Windows than dealing with ISO images, as the download tool is an all-in-one utility that will do anything for you. All you need is at least a 4GB USB drive (or writable DVD). It can also convert the downloaded files to an ISO if that's what you want. You may choose the language, and even to create a bootable drive or disc with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. What's necessary is that you choose the correct Edition. You can view which edition your pc is suitable for in Will my PC get Windows 10?

Step 4: Accept the licence terms when prompted, and the installer will then check out your PC for compatibility with Windows 10, that it has enough free space and will get upgrades. You will never need an activation key for Windows 10 if you are upgrading from an eligible version of Windows 7 or 8.1.

Step 5: When prompted, click on to install Windows 10 and your machine will restart. You'll see a Windows brand, followed by a language choice - UK English have to be selected. Windows 10 will then install automatically, maintaining all your programs (apart from antivirus), files and settings. However, as we explained at the start, it's worth backing up anything you can't afford to lose first.

Step 6: While you finally arrive at the Windows 10 desktop, enable a bit of time for Windows 10 search for drivers for your computer hardware. Initially on our test notebook, it looked as though the graphics card drivers had not been discovered and installed. Nevertheless, after a short while this was all done in the background and the right resolution set.

If you need to do a clean install, then scroll down to another section.

 until, it's worth heading to Device Manager and verifying that all drivers are installed, especially for the system chipset. If you cannot find Windows 10 drivers through your motherboard manufacturer, Windows 7 or 8 drivers may work.

Step 7: Now read our Windows 10 in screenshots for a guideline to how to use the new functions.
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How GM and Perdue Farms support maintain the lights on

General Motors and poultry provider Perdue Farms Inc. these days have something in common: They’re each getting paid to use much less power.

They are on the list of consumers of demand-response suppliers who gained contracts this month with the operator of America’s biggest energy program. In 2018, grid manager PJM Interconnection LLC will turn to them to ratchet down their electrical power demand when necessary to maintain the lamps on across its location in the eastern U.S.

Often, these demand-response vendors get paid a regular rate of at least $149.98 a megawatt, the same as a conventional strength generator. It’s probably the most that PJM’s electricity suppliers will gather for capability in 8 years and a surprising boon for demand-side organizations such as EnerNOC Inc. whose customers include GM and Perdue Farms. They walked away from an public sale previously this month with contracts representing 11,084 megawatts of PJM’s power supply, a 1 percent gain in business.

Demand reaction providers were expected to be losers in last week’s public auction results. Experts including UBS projected a decrease inside their involvement because of stricter regulations and a situation before the U.S. Supreme Court that questions whether or not they must be handled the same as power generators.

Rather, they’ll account for almost 7 % of PJM’s power supply back in beginning June 2018.

The rise in demand reply deals “was obviously a shock vs. our thinking,” Julien Dumoulin-Smith, an analyst for UBS, said in a note to clients on Monday. Boston-based EnerNOC said it was excited to see the service’s share gain.

“We have said previously that we intend to maintain a portfolio of about 3,000-3,500 megawatts in PJM,” EnerNOC spokeswoman Robin Deliso said by e-mail. “This year’s results are according to that approach.”

GM gives need response utilizing a foundry and factory in Ohio to lessen its own electricity bills, Sharon Basel, a business spokeswoman in Detroit, said by cell phone Tuesday. “When presented with that chance,” she said, “our plant leadership leaped on the thought.”

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 release date, price and specifications

 As a rumours, Samsung has updated their Galaxy Tab S tablets through next generation types, that we're wishing to discover more on at today's Unpacked event. Coming in at 8.0" and 9.7", here is everything there is certainly to find out regarding the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 release date, price and specifications. Also see: How to download and install Windows 10 even if GWX.exe is missing.

Last year Samsung launched the Galaxy Tab S range delivering the 'S' through its smartphone over to the tablet side. We reviewed the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 and Galaxy Tab S 10.5 together with the conclusion they were the firms ideal ever tablets. So we have been looking forward to finding out what Samsung would bring to the table with the Galaxy Tab S2.

"The Galaxy Tab S2 is not only our slimest and lightest tablet of it's size ever, this also gives users quick, simple access to a money of superior viewing and output features," said JK Shin, president of Samsung Mobile. "All of us consider the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is probably the most comprehensive personal visual device developed for consumers to hold and use everywhere."

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 release date and price

Rumours encouraged that the new Galaxy Tab S2 types would arrive in June and while SamMobile is pretty reliable, which didn't quite happen.

Nevertheless, Samsung has got formally announced the tablets and we can now reveal that each Galaxy Tab S2 models will arrive in August. Samsung says 'available in global markets, beginning from August' so we're going provide a UK release date as soon as we can.

We're also waiting for UK prices nevertheless the Galaxy Tab S2 tablets could well be the same price in pounds as they are in Euros but that might get them more expensive that last year's types. Discover the complete pricing below.

Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 Wi-Fi: €399
Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 LTE: €469
Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 Wi-Fi: €499
Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 LTE: €569

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 specifications and features

Not extremely as thin as expose information said, the Galaxy Tab S2 tablets are just 5.6mm thick and weigh 265g (8.0) and 389g (9.7) correspondingly. That's still impressively slight though with the previous versions at 6.6mm.

The screen size has decreased on both versions and so offers the resolution, from 2560 x 1600 to 2048 x 1536 but Samsung has stuck with its preferred Super AMOLED technology. The firm says they provide 94 percent Adobe RGB and additional display features include Adaptive Display which easily adjusts gamma, saturation, and sharpness and Reading Mode that provides you the proper brightness.

Creating the displays smaller sized is exciting, especially on the larger design that now matches the iPad Air 2 and Samsung has changed the layout from predominantly landscape to portrait, once more reflecting its Apple-made rival.

Numerous of the specs over the two dimensions are the identical and as such, each Galaxy Tab S2 arrives powered by Samsung's own Exynos 5433 processor (four 1.9GHz Cortex A57 cores and four 1.3GHz Cortex A53 cores) and a Mali T760MP6 GPU. That is the same chip as identified in the non-Snapdragon Galaxy Note 4 and there's also 3GB of RAM.

The two have an 8Mp rear camera, 2.1Mp front camera, 11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, GNSS and optional 4G LTE. You will be able to purchase the Galaxy Tab S2s in either 32- or 64GB storage sizes and the tablets have a Micro-SD cards slot that may take up to 128GB.

Separate from the weight and display screen size, another main difference is the battery which is 4000mAh in the 8in Tab S2 and 5870mAh in the larger 9.7in device. The fingerprint scanner is still but is now touch instead of swipping like the Galaxy S6 phones

Obviously, Android 5.0 Lollipop is pre-installed and you will also get Microsoft Office and 100GB of OneDrive storage space free for two years. Software features contain Pop-Up Window and Smart Manager which 'displays the device’s options instantly, including battery power levels, storage space and RAM availableness for customers to effectively manage their gadgets'.

Survey Shows Several High tech Car Functions Go Unused

While automakers are investing gigantic amounts of us dollars loading up their vehicles with systems of a variety, a lot of users are definitely not using them and would rather use their own cell phones instead, regarding to the first-ever J.D. Power 2015 Driver Interactive Vehicle Experience (DrIVE)

The industry research organization discovered that no less than TWENTY % of new vehicle owners have never used 16 of the 33 technologies features that DrIVE measured. For the buyer, this means they are paying out for something they are not using, explained Kristin Kolodge, executive director of driver interaction & HMI research at J.D. Power.

The actual report looked at driver experiences within-vehicle technologies features throughout the first 90 days of ownership and was based on responses from more than 4,200 owners and lessees of 2015-model-year vehicles.

Functions that users didn't use:

43 percent-In-vehicle assistant feature such as OnStar.

38 percent-Mobile connectivity, for example a manufacturer set up Wi-Fi hot spot.

35 percent-Automatic car parking system, that aids in both parallel or perpendicular parking with limited interaction by the driver.

33 percent-Head-up display.

32 percent-Pre-installed apps just like Pandora.

"Tired and impatient, car customers simply wish to get out of the dealership, often without getting fully focused with all of their own new car's attributes," tells Tom Mutchler, Client Reports' automotive human factors engineer. "However several high tech features aren't instantly apparent or intuitive, especially while attempting to decipher their utilize for the very first time when driving."

The report furthermore discovered which there are 14 technology functions that 20 % or more of owners said they tend not to want in their next vehicle. These included Apple CarPlay, Google Android Auto, in-vehicle concierge services, and in-vehicle voice texting.

The most usually given reasons for not seeking a specific feature in their up coming car was that it wasn't useful in their latest vehicle and that it came as part of a package owners did not wish.

Perhaps surprisingly, Gen Y users (born from 1977 to 1994) want even fewer of these systems attributes designed into their vehicles: At least 20 percent of them do not want 23 of the technologies features, particularly those associated to entertainment and connectivity systems.

"This suggests that these consumers would rather only use their familiar mobile phone for these functions," says Mutchler. "That's a risk, because built-in systems' larger monitors and simplified displays can make them safer to use than a phone when driving."

The in-vehicle technology that most users do wish developed into their vehicles are those that enhance safety and the driving experience, according to the study.

Blind-spot warning and recognition was the top technology that people wanted: 87 % of participants said they needed it in their future vehicle whether they had it or not in their recent vehicle; between those who currently had it, 96 percent wanted it in their up coming car.

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